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This natural super-food is packed with minerals, antioxidants and powerful bio-active compounds to become your new favourite mood-boosting, mind-clearing, energising morning drink!

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Drink your way to wellness.


Community Feedback

“I recently had my first cup of cacao and have been using it every day since. I made it a goal to reduce my coffee intake this year, so when I came across this locally owned product and looked into the health benefits, as well as it helping to reduce my coffee intake, I had to give it a go. I can safely say I have been a month without coffee since starting this journey with zero withdrawals that I would normally get.”

“I’m in love guys! Well done. I must admit, I have no used ceremonial cacao before, but boy oh boy can I notice a difference to your average cacao powder; I won’t go back.”

“My husband has been saying since introducing cacao every morning that my skin has been glowing. This is gold; for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, it will change your world in so many ways."

“I can’t tell you guys just how delicious it is; I’m just obsessed, it’s so yummy.”

“This is the best ceremonial cacao I’ve had!”

“Mama cacao has allowed me to soften & become more connected to my emotions, my body, and my senses. She has invited me to slow down & become more present in my daily life”

“Omg guys! This is so so amazing - thank you so much!”

“This cacao is bloody delicious. I can’t believe I resorted to powdered drinking chocolate. I’m so glad I found this.”

“I had my cacao before my Jui Jitsu tournament and brought home the gold. I have to give credit where it’s due - thanks for the goods!”

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