3 reasons why cacao is becoming a popular wellness drink

  1. Ceremonial grade cacao is rich in theobromine - this is primarily why cacao is known as a heart medicine; theobromine acts as a cardiovascular stimulant (as opposed to a central nervous system stimulant), as well as as a vasodilator, giving cacao its 'heart-opening effects' as this can aid blood flow in the arterial walls & the health of the vascular system.⁣⁣
  2. It is low in caffeine - unlike coffee which can promote large surges in central nervous system activity (e.g. anxiety, jitters & feeling scattered), cacao contains very little caffeine, leaving you feeling more in your body and less in your head.⁣⁣
  3. Cacao paste contains an abundance of magnesium - the other half of the equation as to why cacao is so awesome for our hearts. Magnesium (among many things) helps relax our nervous system, which is particularly good for those who are prone to anxiety. Research shows magnesium deficiencies can attribute to heart arrhythmias & feelings of discomfort, making cacao a great addition to your daily nutritional needs.

Along with an abundance of nutrition & mood-enhancing compounds, this traditional plant medicine from the Mesoamerican regions is becoming a popular addition to users daily lives & personal practice.