6 Ways to support your health through winter

Winter is coming... *in Jon Snow’s voice.*

Ahhh, glorious cold rainy mornings.

Bikinis and boardshorts are back in the closet, and it’s the change of season that brings ugg boots, trackie pants, winter fashion, and of course, a delicious warm cup of cacao (or 3).

This is your reminder to continue or pick up small practices to nurture and serve mind, body & spirit in these colder months.


During winter, it’s common to spend so much time indoors that our vitamin D levels can drop. While you don’t have to dance in the rain (you could, and we probably will), remember to get your weekly dose of sunlight (as exposed as possible) and allow your skin to absorb essential sunlight for vitamin D synthesis (you’ll still get all the benefits even on cloudy days). Vitamin D significantly enhances immune function and systemic health, so lap it up! 

Don’t forget to occasionally get your feet on the earth too. The established literature on earthing is irrefutable, and just common sense, so while it’s natural to want to wear shoes, or socks and ugg boots, a reminder to connect back to the earth every so often and receive the earth’s electromagnetic goodness.


It’s one of our greatest tools to stay metabolically healthy and improve our mood.

You may find swapping the outdoor runs, a swim in the ocean or other summer activities for an indoor Pilates, Yoga, or gym session does wonder to keep you active and supple.


Traditional cultures slowly made changes as the seasons changed, reducing colder foods to warmer ones. Get creative and enjoy your favourite range of warm dishes to heat you from the inside out. Ensuring you eat enough foods to meet your nutritional needs and satiate you will help you stay healthy & fuelled this winter. Enjoy some fun foods too and aim to eat in a way that is sustainable for your personal needs.


We naturally don’t sweat as much in the colder months, but hydration is still an essential part of staying healthy & vibrant. Be mindful of your fluid intake; utilising soups, tea, broth, and other warm water-rich dishes or drinks is a great way to stay hydrated in this cool season.


As mentioned above, we naturally sweat less in these months, but it’s still vital to sweat!

Our skin is our largest organ and somewhat our third kidney for eliminating waste to stay healthy. Dressing extra warm during exercise can help promote more sweating, or if it suits your budget, find a health centre or gym in your local area that provides saunas or steam rooms.


It’s natural to want to sleep more in winter (plus who doesn’t love being rugged up under the doona wrapped up like a burrito) so don’t question yourself if you find your body wanting more sleep this winter. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. This may be a great chance to catch up on extra if you find yourself sleeping less and being more active in the hotter months.

Last but not least, you can further curb the winter blues with a nice warm cup of cacao.

Let the rich amounts of magnesium, zinc, iron, and other micronutrients, along with cacaos gentle mood-enhancing compounds like anandamide, phenylethylamine (PEA) and theobromine support your cold, wet & windy days. 

Let every cup of chocolate be a warm hug to your mind, body & spirit.

Stay healthy this season with these simple reminders so you can continue to shine bright.

Cacao Collective