How to cut down on caffeine with cacao

You may have already made the switch, or you’re looking to find a way to replace some of the coffee (caffeine) in your life, and we believe cacao is the perfect way to do so. 


Making the switch can positively influence those who are sensitive to caffeine or have adverse effects to excess consumption, so read on to find out how.


We’re writing this to the person who struggles to function without coffee; or, maybe you function fine in the mornings, but love the ritual of a hot drink, and you're looking for the perfect alternative. 


We still love a good coffee here and there, but more and more people around the world are looking to reduce over-stimulation from excessive caffeine consumption.


Many are looking to move from the stimulated-out-of-my-brain-plus-anxiety feelings, to a more uplifted and engaged flow state. So without sounding biased, we believe a hot cacao is one of the best wellness drinks available.


The reason you may feel a lot better consuming cacao over coffee when it comes to your nervous system and how you feel, is that the average caffeine content of regular coffee is about 13.5mg per gram. The average caffeine content in instant coffee is about 32.5 mg per gram.


For context, the average caffeine content of the cacao we supply comes back from microbiological testing at approximately 1.4mg per gram - over 9.5x less caffeine than regular coffee, and over 23x less caffeine than instant coffee. 

This is why great quality cacao only has a very small amount of caffeine to give you the smallest lift in alertness to the central nervous system, whilst also reducing withdrawal symptoms from cutting coffee.

The large amounts of theobromine in cacao act as a more gentle, long-lasting stimulant, and the additional fatty acids help extend this release (much like the way bulletproof coffee became a trend to slow down the release of caffeine in the bloodstream).

We never intended to provide cacao as a coffee alternative, but we’ve had hundreds of stories reported to us about the way cacao has positively influenced someone’s life by helping them reduce, or completely eliminate coffee and the potential adverse effects - and that for us is a win.

If you struggle with coffee reliance, cacao may be a fantastic way to help you reduce or completely eliminate coffee/caffeine cravings and any withdrawals from doing so. 🙂

You can try it for yourself here.