Redefining your relationship with chocolate

We’re adamant about everyday people redefining their relationship with cacao and chocolate.

Cacao is a food (and to many, a medicine), and chocolate is simply made from a base of cacao or cocoa mass (more below on that).

For a long time, chocolate has been associated with being a guilty pleasure, but the quality of chocolate bars being produced these days have many health benefits when consumed in conjunction with balanced nutrition.

There are many great brands today making high quality chocolate (with a larger amount of cacao) that provide these benefits, as high quality cacao contains many minerals, some vitamins, antioxidants, and feel good compounds.

The difference lay in quality control, as there are big differences between a chocolate candy bar that contains (for example) cheap inorganic ‘cocoa mass’, which is commonly a small amount of cacao that has been heat processed (roasted), gone through an alkalising process called dutching, stripped of nutrients, and often contains a large amount of added sugar, milk fats, hydrogenated oils & artificial flavours.

In comparison, a high quality chocolate bar/slab that contains a large amount of high quality cacao paste and minimal processing, contains far more nutrients & health benefits.

Neither are right or wrong, but if you're looking to enjoy chocolate with added health benefits, we're here to remind you that you can have your chocolate, and eat it too. 😉

Let this be your permission slip to drink/eat as much cacao as your heart desires
and celebrate one of life’s greatest foods!