Cacao + Heart Health

Cacao has often been referred to as and coined a 'heart medicine'.

Ceremonial cacao supports the human heart & the entire vascular tree, and why it’s been coined for thousands of years as a heart medicine, both on a physical, and energetic level.

To the intuitive feeler or the mystic, it’s simply cacao’s properties, or consciousness contained within it - ancient cultures have known this for thousands of years, well before we knew what the scientific method was. 

But, for the more science-minded, let us explain why.

In short, cacao’s compounds - namely the molecule epicatechin, stimulates nitric oxide synthase, which up-regulates the bioavailability of nitric oxide, dilating the blood vessels, improving blood flow, arterial elasticity, pulse wave velocity, and the fluidity of blood.

Cacao additionally decreases blood pressure & platelet aggregation (blood that overly clumps together can make it ‘sticky’ so to speak).

Not only do all of these supporting mechanisms have an extremely favourable effect on the heart & cardiovascular system, they also have a tremendous anti-inflammatory benefit. 

With the high amounts of potassium & magnesium, vitamins & minerals that further support the cardiovascular system, it’s no guess as to why human hearts love cacao.

We hope this gives you a little more insight about Theobroma Cacao, the unequivocal food of the Gods.


Here’s to happy, healthy hearts! 

Cacao Collective


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