3 conversation starters to create deeper connection

It's no secret that our lives have become more fast-paced and whilst we are all connected by the vast social platforms, in many ways we have become disconnected from a deeper sense of belonging. 

With the current global affairs and the rise of mental health and suicide, we acknowledge that sometimes the most powerful life-changing moments, start with a conversation. 

Whether it's a friend who needs you right now, or a partner, family member or colleague, we hope that these 3 conversation starters open up the space for a much needed chat for someone who needs to feel heard and seen right now. 

1. Are you ok - are you really ok? 
Most of us are used to answering this question with "good" or "fine" even when we aren't. Sometimes this is just out of pure habit, or because we feel we might be a burden if we truly express what's on our mind.

If this is the answer you receive to this question, we invite you to extend another invitation: 

"Are you just good/ok? Is there something else going on?"

"Is there anything big or small that's on your mind / troubling you right now?" 

"I'm hear to listen if there's something else going on for you. You won't burden me." 

2. I've noticed you've been really busy lately, how are you coping? 
It's easy for us to idolise busyness and celebrate those who have a lot on their plate, but sometimes these are the people who need support the most. 

Asking your friend, colleague or family member how they're doing with their work load is a powerful way to let them know you're there for them. 

3. What's been the most challenging thing you've faced this year? (and how has this impacted you?)
Sometimes it's hard to know what people are going through behind closed doors. Some of our friends and family can be good at putting on a smile and "getting on with it" but may be struggling on the inside. Asking a question like this is a great way to open up a conversation beyond "How are you?" that allows for a deeper sense of care and connection. 

Pain, challenge and discomfort is a part of life, we all go through things at different points. However, if we can open up these deeper conversations with each other, it can be what separates those who thrive from their challenges and those who are swallowed by them. 

We invite you to start a conversation with someone in your life this week. 

You never know how this could positively make an impact on their life.