4 ways to bring cacao into your life

Cacao is an incredible morning drink as part of your routine, however, it's not the only time to drink it and experience the many benefits it holds. 

Here are 4 ways you can bring ceremonial cacao into your life: 

The spirit of ceremonial cacao is feminine by nature, meaning its energy is all about receivership, making cacao a perfect addition to your self-care practice - it can even enhance it.

Due to its euphoric compounds and abundance of magnesium, this heart-opener is going to help you feel grounded, more connected and present in any self-care activity. 

Ceremonial cacao can especially work well when used before a meditation, yoga, journaling or breathwork experience. 

Looking for a pre-workout to help you feel focused, enhance your mind-muscle connection and improve blood flow/vasodilation?

Unlike many synthetic stimulants and pre-workouts on the market today which can often make you feel scattered, nauseous or like you're about to fly off the planet, ceremonial cacao can deliver a more grounded energy, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise. 

We recommend having a 20-25g shot before your next workout and notice the difference for yourself.

Yep, you read that right. Cacao can be a great aid in helping you have tough conversations, especially with loved ones.

It's heart-opening and grounding properties can allow us to be coherent and present, supporting us to share openly, and be vulnerable without saying something we may regret. 

Got a deadline or assignment that calls for an all-nighter?

Cacao can be a great tool to use in circumstances that call for enhanced creativity, focus and innovation. With an abundance of Theobromine (a natural cardiovascular stimulant) and only a small amount of caffeine, it will give you the lift in energy that you need, without heavily impacting your sleep and circadian rhythm.