5 tips to a regulated nervous system for better wellbeing

The nervous system is responsible for an enormous amount of our health, wellness, and the functions in our body, such as:

  • Brain growth and development

  • Breathing & heart rate variability 

  • Perception, thoughts & emotions 

  • Learning & memory 

  • Sleep 

  • Stress & the body's response to it 

  • Body temperature

  • Hunger & thirst 

  • Aging

  • Reproduction & fertility 

  • When our nervous system becomes dysregulated, it can be a bit like having the foot on the accelerator and brake at the same time.


    Our state becomes more distress oriented, we feel and experience more chaos and tension, which if we don't find resolve, can put a strain on our entire being, impacting the quality of our health & lives. It's important to note we need stress in small doses - coined as hormesis; like anything, we need a balance of challenge & support.

    The degree to which our nervous system is balanced & regulated, largely dictates the degree of health & vitality we experience in our life.

    There are many natural and free ways to support your nervous system and improve your overall wellbeing.

    Here are our top 5 picks: 

    1. Reduce stimulants
    - This is maybe the most overlooked cause to a lot of our dysregulation & hyperarousal. Many of us rely heavily on stimulants to get us through the day, often running off energy debts and never truly feeling how tired we really are so that we can rest and recharge.

    Audit (honestly!) how much caffeine you consume on a daily basis.

    Look for ways to reduce this, whether that's by subbing in the second or third coffee for a cacao, chai or decaf, or alternating your days with more and less caffeine (days off are certainly an easy way to reduce or eliminate stimulants).

    2. Breathe consciously - We breathe on average 19,000-23,000 times per day. Slowing down your breathing and taking more regular, conscious inhales throughout the day can immediately reduce levels of stress, and even help to energise you. Remember the mantra 'I breathe low to go slow'.

    3. Hot/cold exposure - A great way to cope with life's everyday stressors and enhance your tolerance is to train your system by way of hot and cold therapies. This might look like a sauna or cold plunge pool/ocean dip/ice bath, or simply hot/cold showers.

    4. Longer hugs - Hugs (and any form of physical human connection) is a way we can co-regulate our nervous systems together. Longer hugs also help release oxytocin, the physical chemical of bonding & connection.

    5. Digital detox - Social media can become a strain on our nervous system as the constant stimulation keeps us in an extended aroused state. Spend a couple days a week offline and give yourself a break. An easy tip is to have your phone away around meal time so you can be fully present (especially if you have digestive challenges).

    Give your nervous system a little more love by taking one or more of these tips. 🥰