Cacao – your best support tool

Going through life can be a bit like a continuous process. Throughout that process, we find ourselves using tools; language to communicate, skills to create a business or become a professional, technology to improve our lives or make something more efficient; tools just make our lives better, and we’ve been using them for millennia.

With this in mind, I was asked the other day, “Why do you love cacao so much?”

I stood there, immediately observing what the response in my mind & body was.

My first thought: “Why wouldn’t I – like, duh? It’s pure chocolate?!”

I noticed my body felt warm & relaxed in response to thinking about how cacao has played a part in my life.

I then answered: “I love the way it supports me. 

This feels most true. Cacao is (among many things) a support tool. It meets you where you’re at.

It can support our creativity, energy, cognition & mental sharpness, intimacy & emotional connectivity, pleasure, physical activities, cardiovascular health – the list is endless, and it’s for this reason I love cacao so much. 

Second to that is its ability to bring humanity together when shared – and with such depth. Whether enjoying with a friend, a loved one, or being in ceremony with a group of total strangers, cacao can support moments that help us remember how beautiful humans are; the warm hugs, the laughs, the vulnerable shares, the releasing of past pain, all can be assisted with this ancient plant medicine. Cacao reminds us that there is one heartbeat, one breath, and one love.

Some people use tools like medicinal mushrooms, herbs, greens powders, or supplements to support their health & wellbeing, and it’s for this reason we believe cacao – while not for everyone, is one of the best tools you can use to support your life, for mind, body & spirit.