Chocoholics need to read this!

Are you a sucker for chocolate?

Is it your kryptonite and something you crave all the time?

This could be your body's way of asking for magnesium, which ceremonial cacao has an abundance of.

It could also be due to your body craving more serotonin (our playful neurotransmitter) as cacao is abundant in tryptophan (precursor for serotonin synthesis) and anandamide, our bliss molecule. 

Even though our mind might be craving chocolate, what we may need is all the things that ceremonial cacao can provide in its unadulterated form.

The chocolate on the shelves might be your go-to, however, many products that are found in the supermarket have been stripped of their valuable nutrients, bioactive compounds & cacao’s energetic properties.

If you're someone who is addicted to chocolate, we recommend you give this beautiful plant medicine a go and see what changes for you.

For many people in our community, they have noticed that their chocolate cravings have disappeared since adding cacao into their day-to-day lives.