The Power of Having a Ritual

In life, there are always uncertainties; uncertainty can keep things interesting, give us variety, but an excess can leave us feeling overwhelmed or unsafe. Something so simple like a ritual can be the key to creating a sense of certainty, safety, and presence.

Your ritual becomes a constant no matter what is going on around you - an anchor that supports you through rocky seas.

So how do you create one?

It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

In essence, it is picking one or a few things you love, and doing them every day (or most days).

This could be waking up and having your cacao, taking some deep breaths and taking a moment to be grateful for all that you have. 

It could be a mindfulness, meditation or Yoga practice.

It could be going down to the beach and having a dip every morning or afternoon.

It could be sitting in the park and watching Nature simply be.

The key is to pick the thing/s and stay devoted to the practice.

Here's an example:

- Make yourself a hot cacao or tea and find a comfortable place to sit. This could be in the sunshine, in a quiet space in your home or a designated ceremony space that you intentionally set up.

- Close down your eyes and take 5-10 deep breaths.

- If you're an over-thinker, buy yourself a really nice journal & pen, and write down your thoughts; having a conversation with yourself, or simply writing out your thoughts can be a great way to de-clutter some of the mental real estate.


- If you're someone who experiences a lot of tension in the neck, back, or stomach area, why not throw on your favourite music and move your body to sound. You can couple this with some deep conscious breathing to really energise yourself for the day.

Rituals are yours to create and to stay devoted to. They create certainty in one's life that supports our presence, aliveness, joy, and engagement to life.