Cacao Superfood Smoothie

Spring calls for new (easy) ways to add nutrition to our lifestyle. 

As the weather heats up, sometimes a hot cacao might not be what you're in the mood for, but there are so many ways to use cacao to add extra nutrition to your day:  

👉 Add it into your smoothies. 

👉 Add it to your overnight oats.

👉 Add it into your bliss/protein balls. 

The list goes on. 

This new cacao superfood smoothie recipe, is perfect for morning breakfast on the go OR as a delicious afternoon pick-me-up to get you through the afternoon slump!

This recipe vegan, gluten free and full of antioxidants, essential minerals, mood-boosting compounds and contains theobromine a gentle, long-lasting stimulant to give you that extra hit of energy. 



  • 2 x scoops (20g) of pre-shaved cacao paste
  • 1 x medjool date for sweetness (optional)
  • 1 x medium frozen banana
  • 1/2 x avocado
  • 1 x cup oat milk (or milk of choice)
  • Handful of ice

*Optional: add cinnamon, a shot of coffee or a scoop of protein. 



  1. Place cacao in a blender and add a splash of hot water and blend until smooth. This is to ensure the smoothie doesn't have a grainy texture. 

  2. Add the dates, banana, avocado and ice to the cacao mixture, followed by the milk last. 

  3. Blend all of the ingredients together until the mixture is smooth (approx. 40s). 

  4. Pour your smoothie into a tall glass and enjoy! 

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